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Is Best Jeanist Okay?

There is a lot of confusion in the My Hero Academia fandom over the fate of Best Jeanist. You may be wondering if he’s okay. Is Best Jeanist Dead? Is he alive? After all, he was one of everyone’s favorite heroes, and he suddenly disappeared from the anime. In this article, we’re going to give you a quick recap as to what happened, as well as his status.

Please keep in mind that this post may contain spoilers, especially if you are not up-to-date with the newest episodes of My Hero Academia.

Best Jeanist after he was attacked by All For One
All For One explains why he doesn’t steal the quirk from Best Jeanist. Credit: My Hero Academia

Did Best Jeanist Die?

No. Best Jeanist is still alive. In the battle against All For One in Season 3 episode 48, “Symbol of Peace”, many people assume that they witnessed Best Jeanist’s death. After all, the bad guy blew a hole in his stomach. He was hit so hard, it created a crater in the ground. His eyes went white, and he became unconscious. 

Most people would assume that this was a death sentence, especially since he was laying in that field pretty long before he was able to receive any medical attention for an extended period of time. Admittedly, a lot of. people wouldn’t survive a hit like this, but Best Jeanist is a boss. So he’s got this.

A Quick Recap of the Kamino Incident 

On the night when the Nomu were released in Kamino, Japan, this was later called “The Kamino Incident”. This part of the story spans across two episodes: 48 and 49. It might have been a while since you’ve seen it, so here’s a quick recap.

During this fight scene, we see that Gang Orca, Mt. Lady, and the Wild Wild Pussycats were all fighting alongside Best Jeanist. All For One sent a massive attack that should have killed everyone, but Best Jeanist was able to manipulate their clothes in time to pull his friends to safety. 

In the scene where he’s battling Jeanist one-on-one, All For One says that he doesn’t want to bother taking Best Jeanist’s quirk. He says that this is because it would take too much practice to master the ability to control threads. 

The villain plans to pass down his powers to his dark apprentice, Tomura Shigaraki. A quirk like one wielded by Best Jeanist is something that requires too much skill that won’t match Tomura’s disposition. Basically, he’s looking for something with more instant gratification. 

They had kidnapped Bakugo, in order to convince him to join the League of Villains. However, we don’t know if this was a way to trick him in order for All For One to steal his fire quirk. (Imagine all of the collective powers of All For One AND Bakugo’s explosive flames. Yikes. That would basically be unstoppable.) Because of this, Best Jeanist’s quirk is saved. 

Midoriya and the rest of the UA crew were able to come up with a plan to save Bakugo. But it wasn’t until All Might appeared later that they were able to save Best Jeanist, Gang Orca, Mt. Lady, and the Cats Pro Hero Tiger. 

Best Jeanist is Rescued Just in the Knick of Time

Kamui Woods appears and picks up the injured heroes to bring them to safety. We do see the body of Best Jeanist picked up. This moment only appears for a few seconds, so it was easy to miss. And we don’t hear about him for another 38 episodes.

The anime never gives us any information on Best Jeanist recovering in the hospital. Up until this point, we’ve had some kind of footage showing us people injured or in recovery. So it’s totally understandable why so many people are confused and worried, wondering if he’s okay.

However, we later get confirmation that he’s definitely alive.

A nearly fatal injury to the stomach? That sounds familiar. In episode one, we learn that All Might went through a near-death experience when battling All For One, where he lost the majority of his stomach. (This is why he is so skinny.) From what we know with All Might’s injury, even recovery is too much to handle. 

Best Jeanist showing up in the rankings for most popular hero.
In season 4, they confirm that Best Jeanist is alive, and still in recovery. Credit: My Hero Academia

The Very Brief Mention of Best Jeanist’s Recovery 

In season 4, episode 87 of My Hero Academia, they briefly mention that Best Jeanist got an upgrade from the #4 spot to the #3 most popular hero, due to his incredible bravery during The Kamino Incident. They also mention that he couldn’t be there for the award ceremony, because he was still recovering. Again, the information showed up quickly on the screen, and it’s easy to miss if you’re not paying close attention. This confirms that he is still alive. 

Here’s the exact quote from episode 87:

“Even though he’s still on hiatus, he’s still number three. We’ll wait for him to return as soon as possible”

Kamui Woods jumped in the rankings to #6 because he was such a huge part of the Kamino Incident, and saved so many of the heroes that had been injured. So we also see that he’s getting the recognition for saving Best Jeanist. Even so, we still haven’t seen Best Jeanist comes back into the anime thus far.

It took at least 30 minutes for Kamui Woods to save him. So he would have lost a significant amount of blood, and would need to recovery from surgery. He might also have had to be put into a medical induced coma. So far, we don’t have any of the gory details as to what he went through in the hospital.

Best Jeanist and Hawks in his apartment. Credit: My Hero Academia

Best Jeanist Finally Re-Appears in Episode 102

In the anime, we finally see Best Jeanist re-appear in episode 101, when they briefly show a newspaper clipping that says that he’s missing. Then, we see Hawks visit his apartment in episode 102. We learn that he lost one of his lungs, and that Recovery Girl could only do so much to help him. So it’s very similar to All Might, after all.

What Happens in the Manga

At the time this article was written, this part of the story hadn’t been released in the anime yet. Or, it may never be, depending on how they decided to translate the story from manga to anime. The manga gives you a lot more details as to what happened to Best Jeanist, but it still does a great job of teasing you to wonder whether he’s alive or dead.

So if you don’t want spoilers, stop reading now!

In the manga, Best Jeanist appears in chapter 231, and things get crazy.

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