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Why My Hero Academia is The Most Popular Anime Series of 2021

For those of you who haven’t seen the series yet, you might be wondering: Why is My Hero Academia so good?? You’ve probably heard the hype from your friends, or maybe you’ve seen pictures showing up online. Here at Anime Answers, we’re going to explain exactly why the show is so popular.

Why is My Hero Academia So Good?

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My Hero Academia is so Good, Because is Combines The Best Aspects of American Superheroes and Japanese Anime Characters

When you think about it, the combination of anime and superheroes was basically guaranteed to succeed. Marvel movies always gross millions of dollars in the box office. The most successful movie about a solo superhero was Black Panther, which made $1.3 billion on its opening weekend. My Hero Academia premiered on the heels of the Avengers films coming to an end. This was perfect timing, because people were still itching for more superhero content. 

Any fan of anime already knows that high school stories also do incredibly well. The majority of the audience is going to be the same age as the characters in the series. So you’re combining that traditional story of a coming-of-age Japanese High School student together with super powers. It’s kind of like X-Men, only better. 

Another great thing about anime is that you can do so much with animation that would normally cost millions to do in CGI. Think about all of the dynamic and unique characters that we see in this world. None of these actors have to wear costumes or appear in front of a green screen. Anime is basically the best format to tell this story of a High School full of superheroes.

It’s Genuinely Funny

Everyone has a different sense of humor. But right from the get-go, we have several hilarious scenes in episode one of My Hero Academia. For me, the moment we see Mt. Lady the first time, I thought, “Okay, that’s it. There’s no turning back. I love this anime.”

As the series goes on, the show never stops being funny. Usually, it’s hard for me to find something that’s so funny, I will literally laugh out loud. 

It’s Family Friendly

In recent years, it seems like anime and manga keeps trying to be “edgy”. They push the envelope with things so often, it begins to feel very cringy. When something is too violent or controversial, it’s difficult to recommend it to family and friends. 

There are almost no other anime out there anymore that are so good, the entire family would enjoy it. My Hero Academia is kid-friendly, so you never have to worry that something will traumatize your child. You’re also not going to be embarrassed if your parents walk in while you’re watching it. It’s very “safe” in every sense of the word.

There Are So Many Characters, Everyone Has a Favorite 

A lot of anime tends to focus on the main character, and their love interest. Even if they have a best friend, they barely scratch the surface of the backstories of side characters. But in My Hero Academia, we get to learn a lot about almost everyone in class 1A. Now, in season 5, we are finally learning more about class B as well.  There are also a lot of adult heroes like Best Jeanist, Endeavor, All Might, and Eraserhead to get to know and love.

With so many characters, there is usually at least one that you can relate to the most. I remember when I first started watching the show, my friend said I was most like Momo Yaoyorozu. At first, I wasn’t really sure. But as the show went on, I thought, “Yep! That’s me!” This can be fun, especially if you’re all watching as a group.

A Lot of the Story Revolves Around Self-Improvement

Something that makes sports anime popular is the sense of improving yourself physically. My Hero Academia is like a sports anime in the way that the characters are always working out and trying to get stronger. They also need to learn and figure out clever strategies, as well. 

In my personal life, if I have to work out or do something really difficult, I started saying “I’m going Plus Ultra”, after the phrase All Might uses in My Hero Academia.

Character Growth

You know a show is good when the characters actually grow. Even if they are side characters, they are all growing as people. Their powers are also getting stronger, but their minds and ages are transforming, as well. This makes the characters feel more like real people. In real life, teenagers aren’t going to stay the same all through High School. So as we see these kids move through the first year and beyond, they’re growing and maturing, too.

Lighthearted Conflict

Another reason why my hero academia is so good is that the conflict is fairly lighthearted. Sometimes, superhero movies can get too dark. Think of how twisted The Joker became. Most of the conflict in this show is fairly lighthearted. We have the big baddies, and the rivalry between Midoriya and Bakugo. But in the end, everyone is mostly working towards a common goal. 

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